Firewire is a renowned brand from the 2000s that has been making the life of surfers better around the world. With advanced construction methods and new materials, this brand ensures better performance and makes the planet a better place every day.

The brand’s concern for the environment uplifts the standard for other surfboard brands as they have raised a much-needed concern in the industry. The best firewire surfboards in the market include models like the Glazer, Evo Helium, Dominator II Helium, and Thunderbolt.

If you’re considering elevating your surfing experience in 2022, you should get one of these surfboards from the top brand in the market. To pick the right one, glimpse at each of these models.

1. Glazer

This model by Firewire is an excellent hybrid-performance surfboard that can fit the surfing requirements of almost every surfer. Thanks to its gentle rocker and sleek, round outline, it makes a perfect surfboard for beginners who want to level up and pro surfers who want to enjoy fast surfing with easy paddling. Although this model comes standard like a thruster, it can be used as a Stabiliser + Twin setup.

2. Thunderbolt Longboard

Here are some great features of this Firewire model:

● Great classic versatility
● Single fin
● Excellent noseride lift
● Thunderbolt technology

The Thunderbolt Silver surfboard from Firewire is designed in log-style shapes and is best fitted for smaller waves. This surfboard is hand-crafted for an excellent classic feel with an elevated response. The blank is secured with a high-density foam block to ensure the fin box has a secured anchor point. The surfboard’s bottom is laminated with AVT flex-control components in an “A” shape.

3. Evo Helium

The Evo Helium model by Firewire is an excellent, versatile surfboard for beginners, intermediates, and pro surfers. This model boasts superior craftsmanship and highly functional design to ensure smooth surfing on small to medium waves.

The model becomes even more special with a “torpedo nose” and an exit rocker. With the most substantial construction using Helium technology, it ensures excellent sturdiness. The surfboard is responsive to surf and light in weight.

4. Dominator II

Here are a few remarkable features of this Firewire surfboard:

● Low-to-medium performance rail
● Ideal for beginners, intermediates, and professionals
● Single concave at the tip and double concave at the tail
● Ideal for 2-6-foot long waves, excellent performance at 5 feet
● Five-fin setup
● The original design comes with a clean update
● Great performance

This surfboard comes with helium blanks designed with the lightest EPS foam core. It comes with well-crafted rails made explicitly for Helium boards made out of Paulownia wood. So, the surfboard is made of lightweight, warp-resistant, fine-grained, light- coloured wood.

If you look at the bottom and top parts of the deck, you’ll find them wrapped in high- density aerospace material. The surfboard comes with premium craftsmanship, durable quality, excellent design, and a reasonable market price. So, it’s worth the money.

Final Words

From this short, precise guide, you must have got an idea about the top four surfboards from Firewire in the market right now. Make sure you check these options, consider their features, determine whether they fit your surfing needs, and finally, choose the one that ensures the best performance and safety at a reasonable price.

Author name: Kiara Mac