Modern day has given us a lot of luxuries. When compared to the past decades, there have been so many products and innovations in the last couple of years that have made life as easy as possible. When it comes to women’s hygiene and health, the introduction of sanitary napkins can be etched as remarkable. Sanitary napkins have made hygiene and care during menstruation and bleeding after childbirth so much easier on women. Using cotton pads has become the primary means of managing menstrual blood flow thanks to its ease and convenience. Rio pads for heavy flow are one of the best options in the market for those who have heavy flow during menstruation and for lochia.

Pads for Menstruation

Many years ago, cloth was the primary form of management of menstruation. But cloth does not have a high absorption tendency. It can easily become drenched and can also leak into other garments. Sanitary napkins were introduced soon after to help women manage their menstrual blood more efficiently. Sanitary napkins are made from cotton and gauze initially. These pads are excellent when it comes to absorbing some amount of blood during menstruation. This was soon replaced by other innovative technologies in sanitary napkins.

The next stage for evolution of sanitary napkins was wood pulp based napkins where cotton layers and wood pulp layers are interchangeably packed. These layers were able to trap some more fluids and help in better absorption while retaining them effectively for longer periods.

These days most pads are made from SAP which are super absorbent polymers that are made from plastic. These days most of the sanitary napkins are made from plastic. Although these napkins are excellent when it comes to absorption, they pose a risk of exposure to plastic which may have long term effects in human beings.

But with the right kind of material, there is a good chance of combining best absorption and with no risk of plastics with high grade materials. Choosing the best heavy flow pads can be quite important if one is looking for best absorbency and with no risk to health.

SAP – Super Absorbent Polymer Pads

Super Absorbent Polymers are a kind of plastics that are used in high quality sanitary napkins. This technology helps in locking in the fluids and retaining them for long hours. It helps in protection from leakage and from staining. The best part about SAP is that it converts the blood into gel-like consistency and therefore ensures that the liquid stays intact for longer periods.

High grade SAP is safe for women and poses minimal risk to health. The SAP layer also makes the texture of the pad very thin so that wearability is easy. Pads in the market available these days either offer high absorbency or thin wearability. Only very few brands such as RIO pads for heavy flow are able to sustain both high absorbency and thin, wearable texture.

A high quality absorbent pad ensures that the user can wear it for longer hours without the fear of leakage and staining. Small interlock weaves around the pad ensures that the liquid stays intact and does not stain the garments. Some brands now come with 4 way surround leak protection and with odor free technology.

These are some of the qualities of high absorbency pads in the market and lets the user have a better experience during those heavy flow days.

Author: Kiara Mac