Why is it Essential To Oil Your Beard?

Beard oil is the perfect way to keep facial hair soft, moisturized and healthy. Beard oil keeps the beard shiny, tamed and smelling great. It’s also the best way to prevent itching and dandruff. But why is it essential to apply good quality beard oil? There are many reasons for this. Let’s look at why to get the best beard oil.

A healthy beard is a lush, full and non-itchy beard.

One can make the beard look better, feel better and smell better with beard oil. The beard will be healthier and more manageable if beard oil is used regularly.

Regular use will help reduce itching and dandruff in the beard and ingrown hairs. Moreover, the added moisture reduces fizziness by preventing split ends from forming in the first place!

Applying beard oil to facial hair will keep it clean and moisturized.

Beard oil is a blend of natural ingredients, including carrier oils, essential oils and other ingredients. The most common carrier oils used in beard oil are jojoba oil and argan oil. Which moisturizes facial hair without stripping it of its natural protective coating.

Always apply the product after showering while still damp so that it absorbs into the skin more easily. It is also advisable to pat down excess water with a towel before applying for the best results.

Further, beard oil is not a substitute for good beard shampoo. It does not cleanse the skin underneath the beard as regular shampoos do.

An oiled beard helps prevent ingrown hairs and beard dandruff.

  • Ingrown hairs. A first-time shaver will likely experience ingrown hairs, but even the most seasoned beard growers can experience this painful condition. Ingrown hairs occur when hair curls back into the skin, causing irritation and redness that may lead to infection if left untreated.
  • Beard dandruff. The term “beard dandruff” refers specifically to tiny white flakes that appear on facial hair when dry skin is present — although it’s not technically dandruff because it doesn’t itch or cause irritation as scalp dandruff does.

It will not leave your skin or facial hair greasy.

Beard oil is not greasy. The natural oils applied to your beard will not leave your skin or facial hair greasy. It absorbs quickly, so it does not feel heavy on the face and doesn’t leave a greasy film on your skin.

Applying the beard oil requires only a few drops on your fingertips.

Apply a few drops of beard oil to your fingertips, then massage the oil into the beard and skin with gentle strokes from the base of your neck up into your hairline and down onto your chin. Repeat this motion until all areas are covered.

Avoid applying too much beard oil at once, which can lead to greasiness or clogged follicles in sensitive beards. If more product is needed during the application, don’t want to overdo it! 

If possible, leaving on beard oils overnight will help nourish and moisturize dry skin while promoting healthy growth patterns within hair follicles. It’s important not to wash off any residue left behind after applying this type of product.

The ingredients in the best products will make you smell amazing!

The best beard oils are made with natural ingredients, and some even include essential oils that give a fresh, manly scent. Because these products don’t use synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals like parabens or phthalates, they’re also better for the skin. 


As said at the beginning, the best beard oil will make the beard look great and smell fantastic! In addition, it will keep skin clean and moisturized while preventing ingrown hairs and dandruff.

Author: Kiara Mac